Richard Julin
Currently: CEO/PRESIDENT at Mediaplanet Group

I had the pleasure in working with Bart for many years at Mediaplanet and have seen his growth as a business professional year after year. A great dedication to both Salesmanship and leadership. His ambition in reaching targets and overperform always shows, in him self and to others.
I can strongly recommend Bart for a leading commercial role in a company that needs a clear and targeted leader within Sales and Marketing. Congratulations to his future businesspartners!

October 5, 2015

Marc Reineman
Currently: Founder & Owner Xplosive Media

I’ve worked with Bart for almost 5 years, seeing him develop year after year. Driven by ambition and an ‘eager to learn’ attitude made him a valuable member of the Mediaplanet group. He showed all round commercial and goal orientated leadership skills, where he, together with his team reached for impressive results.

September 14, 2015

Peter Krake
Currently: Owner at Joep&CO Career Development Inc.

I had the pleasure working with Bart for several years now. His energy level , enthusiasm, loyalty , and analytical skills are one of a kind. I was not surprised that he became MD after 3 years at his former employer. A very talented young professional with the right spirit and attitude! Any employee would be lucky to have Bart as a colleague or manager.”

September 14, 2015

Rick van den Hurk
Currently: Professional Athlete, Pitcher for Softbank Hawks, Japan
Our relationship started in a competitive environment on the baseball field. From that moment I felt his positive energy and competitive spirit. These two important characteristics of Bart is what makes him qualified to conquer any challenge in his career, sports and life. The leaderships roll comes easy to him. He finds a way to support you individually and keeps the main goal insight. He has patience to explain the contents and the relevancy of it. His positive lifestyle makes it great to have him around and to work together with him. Bart would be an asset to any team!

September 5, 2015

Carl Gyllfors
Currently: Partner at Recore and CEO CG2 Consult AB

Professionalism in the relationship with Business Partners and consistency and dedication to details as well as a true commitment to the overall goal is a description of how I experienced working together with Bart in the very important Partner negotiations for Mediaplanet Netherlands. Based on my role as Senior Advisor for Mediaplanet International I am happy to give Bart my strongest recommendation. Bart is also a fun person to work with and I congratulate his future business environment

September 2, 2015

Kristiina Kansen
Currently: Head of (Global) Marketing, Mopub at Twitter

Determination is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Bart. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bart since he started at Mediaplanet in 2010, during which he developed from Project Manager, to Business Development Manager, Sales Director and then took over as Managing Director of the Dutch office. Bart was a very natural decision in every promotion. He was consistent in his performance, always learning, developing and mastering his role. Above all, I was impressed with Bart’s ability to coach and inspire others. And, of course, his team player attitude. Bart would be a true asset for positions requiring leading and managing any type of commercial department (sales, marketing) and developing existing and/or new business and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

August 30, 2015